Villa Guest Testimonials & Reviews

Bali Villa Guest Reviews & Testimonials. Read what our guests have said about their stays in our  private luxury villas in Bali.

"This holiday has honestly been one of the best so far and this incredible villa made it even more spectacular! Thank you for making this a memorable holiday and we promise to come back very soon!"

-N. Bishop, South Africa

"Thank you for the best vacation in our life! It was really exciting and amazing!"

-Families Neshpor and Taydzhioni, Russia

“What a wonderful and magical place! We have enjoyed every minute of our stay in your villa. The staff has been so good to us. We will definitely be back!”

-The Bottela Family, Australia

“Incredible food, warm staff and beautiful surroundings! Thank you for giving us a wonderful, easy going, no worry experience. Loved the food - every dish was heaven! From local foods to the hamburgers and veggies to die for!! Thank you, we look forward to returning!”

-C. Mogent, USA

“Paradise… Yes it is! What should I say “it was” as we are leaving these fabulous accommodations, its gardens and birds, its delicious meals and the serenity of the pool and daybeds… Thank you to all the team for their kindness, their smile and availability. It’s been 2 weeks we will never forget, full of adventure and nice meetings. Thank you a lot! We really hope to be back soon!”

-The Gorce and Chalvin Family, France

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your villa. Thank you! Antony and I reflected later that it gave us a refreshingly new perspective of Bali after having stayed in resorts before. The location was great and as a result of having a driver we were able to see a lot more than we would have if we had stayed at a resort… and we certainly did enjoy the privacy…very relaxing. We would be more than happy to recommend the villa and Bali Luxury Villas to our friends and family and look forward to having opportunity to visit again.”

-Catherine, Hong Kong

“The experience was, for us, truly perfect in every regard. The reservation process was efficient, clear and professional (thank you Ary!). The villas were charming and exactly what we'd been hoping for. The pools and grounds were beautiful, private and well maintained (without being manicured!). The food was excellent and varied. And most of all, the staff were sincere, earnest, honest, friendly, proactive and welcoming. I cannot speak highly enough. We have already recommended it to friends wherever we've heard a mention of Bali. Thank you again, and I look forward to returning to Bali and to Villa Kedidi or other Bali Luxury Villas.”

-Joshua, Singapore

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Villa Yoyo


“Location, Location, Location! It was heavenly being able to see and hear the ocean, yet be away from the crowds. On many factors the villa is excellent such as in terms of décor, facilities and amenities. The overall ambience of the villa was one of the main distinguishing factors. What I really appreciated was, while the architecture is in the Balinese style, it was also very modern, a perfect blend of island bohemian and modern luxury. I loved the little touches, like the villa Arika bug repellant that's all natural.”

-Nadia, USA/Singapore

“Beautiful facilities: very spacious, new furniture, well kept, beautiful art, very nice swimming pool and lounge area. What was special was the layout: I liked the separate guest houses, which afforded more privacy. Also, the common outdoor living room was very beautiful and comfortable- a perfect place to relax with friends! The grounds felt very private, beautiful view of the ocean...”

-Jana, Canada

What a fabulous place!! So, comfortable such, such a wonderfully attentive staff. It’s the perfect Bali Holiday!

-Sreen Warrant

Beautiful, Peaceful, serene and all we could ask for. Great food, delightful and helpful staff. Thank you for a lovely holiday!

-Lyndall Boucher

I Love Yuli’s cooking and feeding the fish and staying here and Ku De Ta.

-Thomas Wood

We love staying here and will look for any opportunity to do so. The setting is magic and the whole place is just sublime. Nyoman, Wayan, Yuli, Desak and all the staff are absolutely wonderful and do everything possible to ensure our stay is perfect!! We will definitely be back-Just need to work out, when!

-Belinda and Family

Villa Arika is paradise, beautiful setting and a lovely spot on the beach. Wonderful staff made the stay very very relaxing-Thank you to Yuli, Nyoman, Wayan and Desak. You are all very kind and very patient.

-Pery Douglas & Sebastian, Australia



“We had a fantastic holiday and both the Villa Astika and the service from the excellent staff was first class.”

-David, Singapore

“Fantastic villa! Staff were wonderful & the food was delicious. We don’t want to go home! Will definitely be coming back. Thank you all so much for making this an awesome holiday!”

-Mr County, Rolland, King, UK & Singapore

“What a wonderful stay we all had! Thank you to the staff for taking so good care of us!”

-Pedersen & Spangsdorf, Denmark & Singapore

“Thank you for sharing with us this little paradise! Relaxed, recharged and ready for another term!”

-Sara, Toke, Amber & Ganden, Singapore

“We really enjoyed our walk in Bali at Astika Toyaning. Enjoyed the great food and the relaxation.”

-The Cooney Family, South Korea

“What a great villa and wonderful treats by Nyoman and Luis Crew!!”

-The Jager Family, South Korea

“Thank you for yet another brilliant and relaxing stay at my favorite villa in Bali. Thank you to Nyoman, Ary and Putu for being such a wonderful team.”

-L. Andreasen, Hong Kong

“What a wonderful way to see in the New Year sitting at the dining table with the local firework display over the pool at midnight. The great team of Ary, Nyoman and Putu were always attentive with a warm smile.”

-Mulholland Family

“Thanks again!! You guys made us feel like Kings and Queen for 5 wonderful days. We hope to visit beautiful Bali and you guys again!”

-Lim & Tan Family

“What an Idyllic piece of Paradise!! Love the indoors meets outdoors design. Sitting down to meals was real event and Nyoman always rose to the occasion with his culinary skills. Ary and Putu are absolutely brilliant too. All in all a truly Fantastic Villa experience. We’re already planning our next visit!”

-The Scotts, Singapore

“Absolutely the best villa experience we have had, having stayed at many in Bali. Idyllic, natural and lovely layout. Love the attentive nature of all the staff (Nyoman, Ary, Putu) and not forgetting the superb culinary. Skill of Nyoman never ever tasted better Beef Rendang and Brownies!!”

-Rob & Michelle

“Thank you to all the staff. Ary always friendly and able to help with our needs. Nyoman- good cook and cocktail maker-always smiling. Villa Astika Toyaning is beautifully designed and maintained…a credit to the owner staff…a Balinese Paradise.”

-Daniel, Coal, Joan and Monty, Sydney

“Thank you for the wonderful stay. The Villa is beautiful and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. We are sad to be leaving. Hope to return sometime soon.”

-The Shen Family, Taipei & Los Angeles

“Thank you for a lovely stay at real Bali experience villa. It’s truly a lovely villa, nicely kept clean and wonderfully decorated, gardens and pool always in perfect condition, the food and service truly outstanding. We couldn’t be convinced to try outside!”

-The Hawold Family

“What a wonderful team Nyoman, Ary, Putu. They made us feel like kings and what a castle Astika Toyaning!”

-Luis and Family

“Thank you for a lovely stay at this beautiful Villa, everything is just perfect. A great mix of Bali Design meeting Swedish IKEA design. Great Staff, very friendly and helpful.”

-The Swedish Couple, E. Walz

Experience Villa Astika Toyaning for yourself.


“To Management & Staff of Bidadari: Thanks for the wonderful time. I was really a great experience!”

-Paata, April 30th – June 1 st , 2011

Experience Villa Bidadari for yourself.


“Had a wonderful time as always. Staff was superb and Made’s cooking was excellent!”


“What a wonderful week! Great food, great location, great villa. Can’t wait to come back!”

-John and Gina

“We have had a lovely relaxing stay here and would thoroughly recommend it. Made was very professional and attentive and all the staff were friendly. We really enjoyed the food and the surrounding. Thank you very much. We will come back.”

-The Armstrong Family

“It has been truly a pleasure to stay at Bougainvillea. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality. We will come back soon.”

-The Stantor Family, Jakarta and Australia

“Thank you for giving us such a wonderful holiday!”

-Brian and Eve Johnston, UK

“A beautiful Villa with beautiful staff!”

-Tomy and Janis Johnston, Jakarta

“What a wonderful and magical place! We have enjoyed every minute of our stay in your villa. The staff has been so good to us. We will definitely be back!”

-The Bottela Family, Australia

“Terima Kasih to Cain and Isabella. The Bassets have had the best family holiday in paradise. Villa Bougainvillea has been a wonderful retreat after a day’s exploring, surfing and shopping. The staff have made our stay a wonderful experience of the Balinese peoples kindness. We will cherish the fabulous memories.”

-The Bassets Family, New Zealand

“I loved going to Bali and staying at your villa. The pool was fabulous. I’ll miss you a lot. Thank you for having us here!”

"My 2nd time in Villa has been great. Everyone around here is so nice."


“Izzy and Cain and all the staff at Bougainvillea. Thanks for making our time here in Bali so special. We loved the beautiful fruit for breakfast-The amazing Balinese food for lunches and dinners…The stunning scenery and the pool. We will miss you all.”

-R. Porteons and Family

“Thank you for all a lovely heaven. Beautiful Ground, tasty meals plus fishing in one pond.”


“It was 2nd time I went here. It was excellent. The food, the pool, the rooms and everything were perfect.”

-Arthur, Singapore

“Thank you so much. Fantastic staying here and we’ll definitely be back!!”

-Ellese and Jasper

“Villa Bougainvillea is truly heaven on earth!! We enjoyed staying here. Great food and fabulous staff. Thank you for the hospitality and having us as your guest.”

-The Gustely Family, Jakarta

“This holiday has honestly been one of the best so far and this incredible Villa made it even more spectacular! Thank you for making this a memorable holiday and we promise to come back very soon!”

-N. Bishop, South Africa

“We had a wonderful stay and the staff was very helpful and great in every respect. I must especially recommend Made, the cook, who went beyond his duties as a cook and really helped us out with logistics, etc. The food was great and the level of cleanliness etc was also perfect.”

-Akash, Singapore

Experience Private Pool Villa Bougainvillea for yourself.


“We have really enjoyed our stay at Villa Bunga Pangi. Tuhu was here shortly after we arrived to help with setting us. He was very helpful. Desak and Kadek have done a great job. The rooms have been cleaned and the linen and the towels changed every day. All of us will look forward to returning. Hopefully for longer next time!”

-The Wilmot Family, Hong Kong & England

“Incredible food, warm staff and beautiful surroundings. Thank you for giving us a wonderful, easy going, no worry experience. Loved the food - every dish was heaven! From local foods to the hamburgers and veggies to die for!! Thank you, we look forward to returning!”

-C. Mogent, USA

“Wow!! We enjoyed being here for the Balinese New Year, so different and so much fun. Of course the Villa and the Staff were 5 star! The Balinese are warm and welcoming so easy to get to know and each time we learn more about the country and the culture each time we visit. The Balinese don’t stay strangers for long. We are looking forward to coming back even though the USA is many miles away. We hope you grow to enjoy and love this part of the world as much as we have.”

-Scott, Wendy, Jane, Jer, and Jody, USA

“What an amazing place. This is a paradise for families who simply wanted to relax and enjoy our time together!! Great staff, Great Food, Awesome experience!”

-The Vatchkov Family

“This Villa is the best!! The Good was so good!! And the staff were so nice. Thank you for the lovely time. We will come back!!”

-The Horn Family

Experience Villa Bunga Pangi for yourself.


“The perfect setting, décor, comfort, most importantly lovely staff. We arrived from a hectic unstopping whirlwind of a life to this…”

-The Alameddine, Australia

“This place is brilliant!! Thank you all for your service and hospitality and well done for cooking our fish so well!!”

-G. Lenox

“Another brilliant stay at Bunga Wangi. We were looked after brilliantly by Ketut and his staff. Hope to be back soon. Love the new décor.”

-Chery Lewis, Singapore

“Thank you all our new friends at Villa Bunga Wangi. This has been a fantastic holoday and you have all made it a very pleasant experience. This has been our first of many trip to Bali. We want to thank you for your friendship and exceptional service.”

-The Thomson, Martins and Horti

“Paradise… Yes it is! What should I say “it was” as we are leaving this fabulous accommodations, its gardens and birds, it’s delicious meals and the serenity of the pool and daybeds… Thank you to all, Ketut, Putu, Ayu, Ngurah and our security team for their kindness, their smile and availability. It’s been 2 weeks we will never forget full of adventure and nice meetings. Thank you a lot. We really hope to be back soon!”

-The Gorce and Chalvin Family, France

“The food was extremely delicious and the staff was wonderful! We felt like home and we enjoyed every minute in this beautiful Villa Bunga Wangi. Thank you for the Great Time.”

-The Schwiizzes Familie, Switzerland

“A true Bali oasis of luxury. The staff is absolutely wonderful, perfect example of true Bali Hospitality. A good place for friends, family and relaxing.”

-John and Rosie Macintosh

“Cozy, beautiful and fun. It was a great stay. The cooking was awesome!!”

-The Glenn Kids, USA

“Thank you to all for such warm and wonderful hospitality. We felt so comfort stay here in this amazingly beautiful and peaceful Villa has been a truly memorable experience.”

-Katheryn, Carissa and Hayden Glenn

“Our visit to Villa Bunga Wangi exceeded expectation. The staff are wonderful, Food delicious and the Villa pure Paradise!! Perfect environment to visit with friends and celebrate. Best of luck in the future and thank you for the opportunity to experience Bali Hospitality.”

-Carla and Havev Thomson, Mark and Mandi Bagley, USA

“We had an amazing time whilst we stayed here!! The staff was amazing and the best cooks!!! The pool was amazing as well.”

-The Melaens

“I really like the pool and the food- The chef cooked really well. I hope that we return real soon and that we get to see Ketut again.”

-Zeenya Patel, Jakarta

“We very much enjoyed our stay at the villa. We found the villa beautiful and the set up perfect for a holiday with another family. The staff was very friendly, courteous and Ketut’s cooking excellent!”

-Natasha E., Singapore

“Lovely thing was perfect. Our chef made such excellent meals. The staff was so helpful and pleasant.”

-Gilliant Families, Canada

“Every meals served was excellent and so too was the service. All of the staff contributed to making us all feel so very welcome-always a smiling face. Our rooms were kept clean and fresh and nothing was too much trouble to ask. The villa, location and facilities we have first class and the staff made our vacation complete.”

-The Vinces, Singapore

“Very good service and very yummy foods. Excellent service throughout the whole holiday.”

-Lewis Richardson

“Beauty abounds at Bunga Wangi!! The staff is lovely, food was very good and great laundry service. I will be very happy to remind Bunga Wangi to my clients in the USA, and we will come back!! Wishing the staff the very best!!”

-Nina Mays and Kent Glasgon

“Bunga Wangi is truly a tropical paradise. The staff and the food were exceptional!! Thank you for the holiday of a life time.”

-Gary and Bill Burst, UK

“Our 2nd time at Bunga Wangi. The villa is just beautiful. Staff looked after us very well and food was superb. Thank you for a wonderful holiday. We hope to come back again!!”

-Cherry Leno

“Our stay here has been truly wonderful! Villa Bunga Wangi is one of the best places I have stayed. The staff are exceptional. We will come back!!”

-Rod and Terra, Australia

“Beautiful villa, lovely garden and very comfortable accommodation. Truly a wonderful holiday with friendly and attentive staff and very tasty meals. Best Holiday ever! Especially with family.”

-Peter and Maureen Pietersen, South Africa

“We have had a truly wonderful experience at Villa Bunga Wangi. In contrast to Ubud or Kuta. Friendly staff and well prepared meals. Sharing with my family has made it even more.”

-Gary, Romny and Bons, Singapore

“Beautiful relaxing environment. Loved the gardens and the design of different levels, staff are amazing and wonderful dishes were served. Can’t wait to come back.”

-R, Macdarhys, Ireland

“Thank you Ketut, Putu, Ayu and Ngurah for a lovely stay at Bunga Wangi with delicious meals and lovely smiles.”

-The Abbet Families, Australia

“Wow!! What a fantastic place – brilliant house, great weather and magnificent staff especially Ketut’s cooking.”

-Brindes Family, Australia

“We have had a wonderful time here. Everything has been great. The staff are fantastic. I’ll be back!”

-Andrew Tash, Australia

“A peaceful hideaway…”

-Andrew Nathan, Australia

“What can I say... Pure relaxation!! Great Villa, great staff, great people and wonderful food. We leave happy, relaxed and contented in agreement. We will come back.”

-The Viero Family

“A wonderful villa in the middle of beautiful tropical gardens!! A paradise on earth… The staff is very friendly and helpful and the chef prepared us amazing meals!!”

-Derek, Isi, Italy

Experience Villa Bunga Wangi for yourself.


“The Villa grounds are splendid & views awesome!! We had a great time here!”

-Felicia Tan, Singapore

“Spend one week here, everything: service, quality was perfect. Clean and comfortable! Staffs were very friendly and helpful.”

-Luca and Juw Orten, France

“Beautiful place, staffs carrying every time. Quality of the food marvelous. Hope to stay again.”

-David Parker, Kim Rooney & Family & Friend, Hong Kong

“Villa Capung is just a paradise… and the staff are angels! Food is excellent!!!”

-Family Petri and Feurer, Switzerland

“Perfect Atmosphere, Wonderful Food, Good Service!!”

-Family Haswander, Austria

“Thank you for the best vacation in our life! It was really exciting and amazing!”

-Families Neshpor and Taydzhioni, Russia

“Heaven on earth! Terima Kasih for the wonderful staff and Villa that made me feel as free as Capung. See you next time!”

-M. Thomson, Singapore

“Seductive sea views, lush garden of Eden, friendly staff to make me feel at home in your home, delicious food, the outside shower was like warm rain from the heaven. I leave feeling refreshed, happy at peace after beautiful holiday.”

-C. Younglesom, South Africa

“Everything is perfect, the staff, the food, clean and the facility is excellent. Anthony, Darma chef were all very professional and helpful!”


“Everything is Good!!! The views, the facilities, staff, securities and the food so Good. Wayan, Dama, Eka are Super!!”


“The Villa is well maintained and staff are very good. The Chef is absolutely great. She prepared the best dinner for our trip and we look forward to coming back for her food.”

-Tricia Lim

“Everything fulfilled our high claims and expectations. Made was the best cook we found in Bali. Dama is professional, confidential and reliable.”

-Thomas and Bea Petri Feurer

Experience Villa Capung for yourself.


“Fabulous! Amazing! Beautiful! Helpful, pleasant staff too and no mosquitoes!!!!”

-David and Ted Bloomfield, UK

“Absolutely Beautiful!! The best villa in Bali with the most fabulous staff in Bali!”

-Valma, Australia

“CocoGroove was everything!!! Will be back!! Staff terrific, want to pack them in our bags to take home.”

-Russel and Rachel Thomson, Australia

“We had a wonderful stay at the fabulous villa. Many good memories in here.”

-Wilsen, Kuala Lumpur

“Dear Gerald + Staff at CocoGroove, Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Definitely looking back and staying in this lovely villa.”

-Joseph Took, Malaysia

“CocoGroove: Great Place, fantastic service. Enjoyed myself so much! We wish everyone was here. Great Villa and Staff. We enjoyed the property and location. After a long and cold tour at Europe, 5 days at pure bliss at CocoGroove was just fantastic. Komang and the Staff have looked after us in eating well and we look forward to our next trip.”

-Samantha and Hugo

“What a great staff very helpful, polite and kind and the villa is superb!!”

-Billy, Irma, Stefan and Richard

“Great Food, Nice Staff. Until Next Time!”

-Erik Schrove, New Zealand

“We have been to Bali several times. This was our first experience in Villa. Komang made us delicious meals and all the staff were very attentive. The villa was the perfect place."

-Daniella, Australia

“Thanks a lot. The food was great and the villa was very relaxing.”


“To owners and staff, thanks so much for my memorable stay in Bali for the first time. The food was great and the villa was very relaxing. I would love to come back to CocoGroove again.”

-Rose, Sydney

“Many thanks to the fabulous friendly staff who were so helpful. The Villa is simply divine-what a tranquil & relaxing place to stay!”

-Savah, Dani, Nat, Bridget and Julie

“Thank you for the wonderful stay, the staff are excellent and made it perfect. We will back again later.”

-Jez O’hare

“We had a wonderful time in a wonderful villa. It was CocoGroove! And thanks to super staff!”

-Arthur, Jean, Christoper

“What a wonderful villa, love the design! We had a great vacation and will definitely be back! Thanks to all the wonderful staff as well.”

-The Musa Family

“Great architecture. Love the simple design. Do not change a thing. We love it as it is. Thank you to Komang, Gusti, Wayan for all your help. Delicious food and friendly smile. Can’t wait to come back!”

-The Robertson Family

“Best Villa Ever… Big Beds, squishy grass, chicken porridge, happy smiling staff. It was Coco-Groove-y!!”

-Leince and Jaime

“Staff were great. Very friendly and helpful. Thanks for all your help and hospitality. Villa is very nice, love the space and the location.”

-Barnaby & Phil

“We have once again thoroughly enjoyed our stay here at CocoGroove. Since our first visit in November we have been looking forward to returning and enjoying your home, especially the kids love your pool! Staffs are pleasure and very welcoming and helpful and we really enjoyed. The kids been around them. We hope we can return for our 3rd visit not too far away…maybe next year!!”

-Julian, Julie, Evie, Hagen Brown, New Zealand

“Thank you for allowing us to use your beautiful Villa in Bali. My family has stayed here for the past 4 years and keep coming back to Bali’s most wonderful Villa. You have selected excellent staff who attend to our needs in a most friendly and accommodating way.”

-Glyn Crimp and Family

“We do not know how to thank you for the very warm hospitality extended to us at CocoGroove. The serene tranquility of your unique facilities. We enjoyed the swimming and the total relaxation in this superbly beautiful environment. It was a most beautiful and delightful experience. The staffs are too welcoming and nice. They did everything to make our stay memorable. They are simply excellent people. Big Thank You to All.”

-Nadia, Simon, Eva and George, Toronto & Singapore

“Fantastic! We come for retreat to Bali and were wonderfully surprised by your accommodation. Amazing architectural open concept!”

-Coughin and Eva

“We had a great stay and enjoyed our time at the villa. Dayan and his crew were very good at looking after us. Thank you for helping to make it a great stay.”


“Wonderful to relax once again in the calm surrounding of CocoGroove. Komang & all staff just a delight, although this is our 5th time here!”

-Katie. Steve, Claudia & Asha King

Experience Seminyak Villa Cocogroove for yourself.


“My 2nd time trip to Bali after 5 years seems like a totally brand new trip for me here and have a wonderful place to accommodate us, is really fantastic!”

-S. Soh

“We all had a fabulous time in Bali and loved staying at the villa. The staff were excellent - very thorough and attentive. The place was clean, the cooking was excellent and the service was charming. The ladies certainly put in every effort to make us comfortable and things run smoothly, helping us with organizing trips etc. We certainly had a great time and hope to be able to come back again soon.”

-Fiona, Singapore

“Thank you. We had a fabulous time in Bali and at Villa Frangipani. I could certainly recommend it to my friends. The food was great and the girls certainly knew how to look after us. We would love to come back and stay at Villa Frangipani.”

-Sarah Bedingfield, Australia

“My family and I spend a lot of time in Bali and try different villas. Villa Frangipani was very nice and the perfect size for our family. The staff was very kind and the food well done. Thank you for your patience in dealing with me. I am usually more organized, but this trip occurred during a busy time for me at work. We will be back again and will look into other villas you have for rent."


Experience Villa Frangipani for yourself.


“Imagine Singaporean efficiency, Thai hospitality, Korean drama-romance settings, Japan modern yet thoughtful technology blend with the rich Bali history and culture in one luxury ocean-view villa. This distinctly Balinese-style villa tucked in the bossom of paddy fields and nestle next to the beach is undoubtedly a refreshing sight from the tourists-infested Kuta and Denpasar. The 6-room villa provides a contained and relaxing environment for the family while the attentive yet unintrusive staff attend to every single details make one stays enjoyable and pampered. As a nature-lover, one would truly appreciate the closeness to nature if one can relax by the pool with the sound of crashing waves, the chirping and buzzing animal in the lush garden in the background, admire the sun sinking into the sea with the variety array of colours while letting ones feet rest on the lush green lawn still humid with the afternoon shower. The facilities, e.g. TV room, steam room, infinity pool, massage room, veranda by the beach, BBQ pit... etc will definitely keep the family entertained while sapping every last drop of energy from the kids. My family members get to do what they like and yet we always meet at the dining tables for the delicious meals picked from an extensive selections and the fresh quality ingredients purchased on the day itself. What more could one ask for?”

-Melvin, Singapore

“The beauty of this 6 star resort masquerading as a mere villa will literally take your breath away as one walks through the manicured gardens and peers across the infinity pool to the cliff side temple and Ocean beyond. Those who often find themselves disturbed on holiday by maintenance issues, aged equipment or decor glitches have no fear as this new luxury villa delivers perfection in every respect from whisper quite ducted aircon, superbly comfortable beds, beautiful bathrooms, up to the minute gym and steam/massage rooms . What really impresses are the lovely and highly professional staff who are there to cater for your every need. The food is superb with excellent local and Indonesian cuisine from the a la carte menu prepared in ultra modern super clean kitchens. Jagaditha is ideal for family holidays and there is something for everyone from Granny to Teenagers. I have never been more relaxed on a holiday and I look forward to my return visit soon.”

-Mouton, Sydney, Australia

“We have lived and traveled throughout S.E. Asia for seven years. Jagaditha is without doubt the finest villa we have enjoyed to date. The location, accommodation, staff and hospitality were outstanding.”

-Erik Petersen Singapore

“This property has fabulous feng shui. I was able to fully relax and felt energized by the end of my stay. The staff are friendly and ready to serve. It is so beautiful we didn't want to leave for any reason, and we didn't have to as all was provided.”

-Jimmie, Singapore

“In September this year we celebrated my mothers 60th birthday in Bali at a truly incredible villa, Jagaditha. Family and friends traveled from all corners of the globe to be in Bali for this special event and they were blown away when they arrived at this stunning property. Jaws hit the ground and some were moved to tears (my mum) when they entered the ornate double doors unveiling this oasis of luxury and tranquility. After a welcome drink and introductions to the lovely staff we were shown to our rooms which are truly breathtaking and finished to very high specifications however the bathrooms were the jewel in the crown. The fixtures and fittings were contemporary yet natural and the outdoor shower was an incredible experience whilst maintaining complete privacy. Other facilities at the villa included a gym, TV room complete with Nintendo Wii and a huge infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The staff at the villa deserve a special mention, they were friendly and attentive without being overbearing arranging massages, booking restaurants, excursions and organizing all aspects of my mothers birthday including traditional dancers and musicians. Nothing was too much trouble and having a driver on hand was real asset allowing us to explore the island with a local perspective at our leisure. I can not recommend this villa and its staff highly enough, they both had a huge part to play in a very special holiday for our closest friends and family which has left us all with incredible memories.”

-Jamie C, Singapore

“Our family traveled to Bali for an extended family reunion, each family having their own villa. We knew from the website that we'd be staying in a wonderful place, but wow! From the moment we stepped through the gates of Jagaditha we knew we were in paradise. The villas, gardens and pool are everything you expect and more. Everything has been thought of to make sure you want for nothing. I cannot believe how much we all relaxed, whether it be by the pool, on a daybed or in the bath! The staff attend to your every need without being intrusive. Nothing is too much trouble and they were wonderful with the children. The food was superb, not only in taste but also in presentation. We will definitely be back!”

-Rowntree Family, Newcastle, Australia

“My wife and 2 children (12,15) have just had an absolutely wonderful holiday at Jagaditha. This was our first time to Bali so I can only provide an element of context, but based on what else we saw during our holiday, it would be very difficult to better either the location or the accommodation. The ocean views are absolutely stunning whilst our bedrooms were beautifully fitted out. But what set the holiday apart was the level of service, better than anything I can recall experiencing. Nothing was too much trouble and staff were available 24/7. Although levels of English varied, the majority all spoke to a reasonable level - we were certainly never served anything we hadn't ordered!. Various leisure activities throughout the island were easily arranged with the manager, whilst our driver also proved himself to be a very good surfing instructor. This latter point is very important - we all loved the pool and the gardens but the kids especially wanted to see and do more. It is essential to explore the island as much as possible because there is so much to do. Definitely a 5 star holiday. However, because price is per day it was quite expensive for just the 4 of us - if the villa is filled it becomes excellent value.”

-Foley family, Colchester, UK

“Jagaditha is one of those rare places that actually lives up to your expectations. Their website states "the only thing we overlook is the Indian Ocean" and it transpires that this is completely the case. The villa is beautifully furnished and has all the little extras that show real thought (iPod dock in the bedroom, baby monitor, inflatable pool toys, even a Power Plate in the gym!) The staff are a real joy - friendly, helpful and fantastic with the little ones. They make you feel like nothing is too much trouble -from helping with bookings to local attractions to baking cookies for mid morning snacks. Jagaditha is truly an amazing place. I defy anyone to visit and not come away planning when they will return!”

-Rebecca Regan, Singapore

“Jagaditha can be be whatever you want it to be. For us - a family of 12 - it was enchanting & relaxing. Plenty of space for getting together, partying or hiding for quiet time. The staff are happy & helpful, a driver to take you anywhere & a fantastic chef. No criticisms whatsoever & definitely want to return again & again.”

-Rambler, Ipswich Suffolk UK

"We have had a fantastic weekend. You can lie in bed and see straight out to sea-completely relaxed knowing the kids are safe and happy downstairs. The layout of the villa is excellent and the gardens are beautiful. We have enjoyed great food and wine and the new coffee machine was a real treat. The kids enjoyed the trips down to the beach to look at the rock pool. Eric was very kind to offer to take Rosie down. Thank you for sharing the villa, it is wonderful and you have done a great job – as have the staff."

-Steve Megan Rosie and Perry Trens

"This visit has been pure magic. All of the staff have been so helpful & pleasant. How I would love to come back. Many Thanks to all here!"

-Magic Boutler

“Wow!! Our holiday at Jagaditha started with a beautiful warm welcome from the staff which was the start of an amazing week! Every detail is incredible from the rooms, pool, food and stunning view. Thank you to all the staff who have been so helpful & friendly. We certainly hope to return to Jagaditha one day and will definitely recommend to all.”

-Alex and Nic

“An Idyllic setting with wonderful staff who have looked after us so well. It has been a very memorable first visit- We would love to come back to Jagaditha and Bali. Thank you to everyone for making our stay so special and to you for allowing us to stay here.”

-Michelle & Mark

"I have just enjoyed the most wonderful weekend. In a magnificent home looked after by very attentive and excellent staff. It has been very special. I look forward to returning to Jagaditha very soon.”

-Jean Chambers

"Thank you so much for letting us use your beautiful family holiday home to celebrate my Mom’s 40th birthday. We had a truly memorable trip made all the more special by Jagaditha and the lovely staff. From the moment we drove in the front gate we were blown away and Mom was left speechless. We are already planning on returning to celebrate her next birthday.”

-Jamie & JLO

“I have a wonderful place and we are so pleased to see all your hard work come together. The attention to detail is immaculate and you have wonderful staff working for you. Your hospitality has been fantastic and has helped to make their memorable family reunion. Great memories, beautiful setting and a lot of fun and laugh-what more do you need.”

-Nikki, Mark, Ellie and Bea

“Luxury in Paradise is the best way I can describe Jagaditha. You must be very proud to have designed such an amazing place. Thank you so much for a very special family reunion. It’s one none of us will ever forget. The kids had an amazing time with their cousin and it was wonderful for me to be able to finally wind down and totally relax. The staff have also been fabulous, carrying to all of our needs and always with a smile. I can’t wait to return."

-Sophie, Jack & Livy

"It’s actually very hard to find the words to sump up a stay at Jagaditha. How can you describe the picture perfect view, the wonderful staff and the beautiful rooms? So having thought on it long & hard we decided One word does do Jagaditha. Our stay here has been superlative on every possible level. We have such treasured & precious memories of our time here.”

-Justin, Rebecca & Maredith

"JAGADITHA … If there is a heaven on earth , this is it… our stay in Jagaditha was peaceful and memorable. The staff was fantastic and efficient and HASTA LA VISTA!!! Definitely!”

-Asha, New Delhi

“If I were to build a house in Paradise, I would ask permission to make a replica of villa Jagaditha. Congratulations!! We hope to come back in the real future.”

-Familia Herrera, Madrid, Spain

BLV Invitado Testimonios Foto 1

"What a fabulous way to start the new year here at Jagaditha!!! We have had a truly wonderful comfortable week and Yianni our 2 years old has had a lovely time running around with his cousin. Congratulation for the way you have conceived and built your lovely time. The central pavilion is the perfect place to hang out and the garden and ocean view are exactly what was needed to relax. All the staff have been very friendly and we hope to be able to come back again!”

-Andrea and Yianni Goulaucht

Fantastic Stay!!! Food was outstanding in every way! Service and staff were excellent-So professional and helpful. Can’t fault the villa on location, aesthetic or practicality-Perfect stay!”

-Guests from Perth-Australia

Jagaditha is truly paradise. There will be no way to describe the beautiful setting, The wonderful staff and the fantastic meals. This week can’t the duplicated! It’s been a great escape from the earthquake in Tokyo.”

-Judy Holmes, Cufton Park NY USA, The Quinnilds, Tokyo Japan/Minnesota

This is truly what was promised–a house of harmony. In harmony with the land, the sea and the happy people. Your home filling out every need. It has been a perfect place to bring the family together for a special birthday party –Making it one to remember. We thank you all for your gracious hospitality. We intend to be back.”

-Melody, Phoenix from Arizona, Canada

"Woowww…. The Place… The People… The Hospitality… The Service... The Food... The Weather… The Smiles…. what a sensational place to spend a holiday!! I sincerely hope will return here again.”

-Kar and Lach, Perth, Australia

“What a stunning place!! The Staff & food were unparalleled. Thank you all for a very memorable stay. Until next time!"

-Sandy and Mike, BC, Canada

“This amazing piece of Paradise was totally beyond anything we could imagine! An excellent location, wonderful staff and the accommodation was just beautiful. Thank you for a very memorable holiday."

-Ange, Dave, Ali & Josh, Perth, Australia

“Wow, what a surprise for my husband’s 60th birthday as really thought he had died-was in heaven!! We have spent an amazing week here with our family and special friend. This place leaves nothing wanting-all is laid together with a wonderful, helpful and friendly staff- who were most amused by us on party night and by our morning thai chi classes. Food Magnificent and accommodation just like the comforts of home.”

-John, Jenny,Natalie lyle, Glen Halloway, Susan Doherty, Australia

“6 girls in absolute heaven. The gardens, the rooms, the outside bathroom, comfy beds. Beautiful décor, great views, rolling wares, musicals frogs, fabulous therapy, smiley eager to please staff, gorgeous driver kadek, friendly saranta wonderful lamb chops on the last night, juicy pineapple everyday, fabulous massages from the best 6 nights get away. Thank you for a fabulous stay at villa Jagaditha. Will be back.”

-Jane, Leanne, Annie

“It’s absolutely majestic and we enjoyed the experience thoroughly! I particularly love the architecture & design which honour the Balinese culture & rich history while maintaining the modern & minimalist feel that I truly enjoy. Definitely superb when comes to service & the courtesy shown by all the staff. Hugh, the chef must have made us put on kilos before heading back to Singapore.”

-Melvin and Callista, Malaysia, Singapore

"The beauty of the setting, the perfection of architecture and the luxury of the rooms will long stay in my memory and will be the subject of dinner party table for many moons. My dearest memory will be friendliness of the staff who are the spirit of Bali. They should be proud of their work which is faultless. I will be back with the family."

-Andrew Cade

"What a week!! A perfect setting, wonderful rooms + bathrooms, beds+pillows, fantastic staff + spectacular meals! A wonderful week of relaxing, meeting new friends + exploring the beauty of Bali. Thank you!”

-Rod Smith and Paul Astee

“A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the best that Bali can offer. The staff are fantastic and did everything to keep & energetic boys (and their parents!!) extremely happy for a great weeks holiday. It was a special holiday for all our family and I hope we will return!”

-Andy, Sally, Will and San Wright

Experience Villa Jagaditha for yourself.


“Thanks for a great holiday in Bali. We had a wonderful time and hope to return soon!”

-Amanda, Singapore

“Just a short note to say, on behalf of us all, thank you for a fantastic holiday. We all had a great time. The villa is absolutely stunning and the staff were excellent. We would have loved to have stayed longer so you may hear from us again in the hope of another visit later in the year. My brother-in-law and I were amazed by the surf which according to the locals was big even for Bali. We are both now battered and bruised but grinning from ear to ear. Thanks again and please pass on our regards to all the staff that helped make our stay very memorable."

-Jonathan, Singapore

“We had an absolutely wonderful time in your villa!! The place was beautiful, calm, clean everything we could dream of. A perfect Villa Kakatua, the staff was excellent. We got perfect service in every way. The food was superb. With small children it was so easy to enjoy good meals in our own house. Even the beach was so close by and nice enough. Thank you for the great place! We will definitely recommend the place for all our friends and hope to be able to come back one day!”

-Silka & Daniel, Singapore

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Villa Kakatua. Thank you. Antony and I reflected later that it gave us a refreshingly new perspective of Bali after having stayed in resorts before. The location was great and as a result of having a driver we were able to see a lot more than we would have if we had stayed at a resort. I really have no complaints with regard to the villa. It was clean, very well appointed and maintained and we certainly did enjoy the privacy…very relaxing. The food was excellent and the staff very friendly and happy to help with any of our requests. We found the information folder very useful in particular the dining recommendations (La Lucciola was lovely…amazing position!). We would be more than happy to recommend the villa and Bali Luxury Villas to our friends and family and look forward to having opportunity to visit again.”

-Catherine, Hong Kong

“The villa was fantastic - worked perfectly for us. Citra is a fantastic cook and as a result we ate in an awful lot which was very relaxing. Made kept the place spotless and even after we had thrown things all over the place in our various dashes to get ready it would always be clean and tidy again when we got back - no matter how many times a day it happened! Agus was also a very good and knowledgeable driver. Hopefully we will be able to come back very soon. Please keep us on your mailing list and if you ever get any cancellations or have any weeks which aren't filled let me know as despite having booked early this time we are normally quite last minute people and it wouldn't take much to convince us to come back!”

-Jane, Hong Kong

“We did indeed have a great holiday at Villa Kakatua, and please pass on our warm thanks to all of the staff who were magnificent.”

-Richard, Hong Kong

Experience Villa Kakatua for yourself.


“One of the most beautiful contemporary and comfortable places that I’ve ever stayed. Bagus made us very special and tasty dishes. He was very innovative with magical fingers. Loved every meal in villa. General Staff was an excellent manager always trying to help us and make everything very convenience. A pleasant smile and a lovely person. Excellent Staff, Good Food, Excellent Villa. We would like to stay here again.”

-Gupta & Chewai, India

“The Leos had a fantastic stay at Villa Kavya, and we were looked after very well by your staff at the Villa. Thank you again for organizing everything and we look forward to coming back to Bali again, and definitely recommend your Villas to our international friends and clients.”

-Tina and Lionel, Singapore

“We had an absolutely fantastic time. The staff was really attentive and went out of their way to accommodate us- even if that on one day meant making lunch twice as some people were late back fishing."

-Janet, Singapore

Experience Canggu Villa Kavya for yourself.


“I'm writing a very belated note of sincere gratitude for the wonderful hospitality we all enjoyed at Villa Kedidi, having been buried in work/travels since our return. The experience was, for us, truly perfect in every regard. The reservation process was efficient, clear and professional (thank you Ary!). The villas were charming and exactly what we'd been hoping for. The pools and grounds were beautiful, private and well maintained (without being manicured!). The food was excellent and varied. And most of all, the staff were sincere, earnest, honest, friendly, proactive and welcoming. I cannot speak highly enough. We have already recommended it to friends wherever we've heard a mention of Bali. Thank you again, and I look forward to returning to Bali and to Villa Kedidi or other Bali Luxury Villas.”

-Joshua, Singapore

“We certainly had a great time with the Kedidi Villa – nice setting, friendly staffs and beautiful environment. We enjoyed every day breakfasts and the 2 dinners in the villa, although the amount of food was too much for my family, the quality was great! The housekeeper lady was very warm and helpful. We would like to recommend Villa Kedidi to our friends and family members who intend to visit Bali. Dian, thanks again for what you and your team have done to have made our stay in Bali a fantastic experience. I do look forward to heading back one day! All the best to you and your villas!”

-Jun, Singapore

“I can only say that everything was perfect :-) We had a very lovely time in Villa Kedidi and are fully satisfied with every aspect and have nothing to comment on. We will definitely be coming back and we have already recommended Bali Luxury Villas to all our friends.”

-Marie-Louise, Hong Kong

“I was meaning to write and say how much we enjoyed our stay at Villa Kedidi. The staff were excellent, and been trained well, with good attention to detail - from the cleaner and cook to the pool boy and gardener. The villa was kept spotlessly clean, the food was very acceptable and service very good. Please pass our thanks to all staff once again.”

-Elizabeth, Hong Kong

“I can indeed confirm that we had a lovely relaxing stay at Villa Kedidi. Everything was as we had expected and hoped that it would be. All of the staff were particularly welcoming and helpful throughout the stay. All of them were also very accommodating to our children, which was a great help for us. Food was excellent, always plenty to eat and cooked superbly. Your staff were a credit to the villa, Bali Luxury Villas and yourself. Please look after them well. If we are ever in the Bali vicinity in the future, we will certainly look to stay at Villa Kedidi again. We know, provided you manage to keep your team together, that we will have an equally enjoyable and rewarding stay.”

-Andrew & Alison, Australia

“I was meaning to write and say how much we enjoyed our stay at Villa Kedidi. The staff were excellent, and been trained well, with good attention to detail - from the cleaner and cook to the pool boy and gardener. The villa was kept spotlessly clean, the food was very acceptable and service very good. Please pass our thanks to all staff once again.”


“We really enjoyed our holiday in Bali and Villa Kedidi was just lovely. We felt like we relaxed straight away and it was nice to get away from Singapore's humid weather for a few days. As I mentioned on the feedback sheet, the food was delicious. Many thanks to all the staff who made our stay so pleasant and relaxing. We are not used to being waited on as we don't have home help but it was certainly a nice break for me in particular from the daily chores.”

-Anne-Maree, Singapore

“We had a great time at the villa. Nyoman, Ketut, and Agus were excellent. They really took care of all of our needs and they couldn't have been nicer. We look forward to another visit to the villa soon.”

Experience Villa Kedidi for yourself.


“Thank you so much for everything! Your hospitality, kindness and welcome are truly appreciated. We loved Oka’s meal. Our rooms were just perfect every day. I will never forget the views from this place, the sounds of the roosters in the morning and different unknown birds to me; the sounds of different ceremonies (drum playing) from a distance; to be able to watch the rice workers from here while drinking coffee in the morning was absolutely priceless. Please do not change anything… This place is just beautiful. The staffs here always had a wonderful smile. We pray that we can come back soon to this place of paradise!”

-Lupita, San Antonio, Texas, USA

“What a delight it has been to spend a week in your little piece of paradise! From the gracious staff to the spectacular views. We couldn’t have felt more fortunate and relaxed. We would especially like to thank pak Oka for his delicious food-in particular the banana pancakes also to Madi, the driver for being a true gentleman. Villa Kirana will be truly missed and we thank you all for your kind hospitality. We hope we can return.”

-Loosemore Family

“My friends and I cannot stop telling all our friends and colleagues how much we enjoyed our visit to Villa Kirana. The villa itself it magical, and the support of all the staff, especially Mr. Oka and Made, made us feel like we were very special guests in a wonderful home. I certainly hope to return in the future, and to send business your way.”

-John, USA

“10 Amazing days in Villa Kirana. It is by far the most beautiful villa I have seen in Bali. Every little detail seems to be thought thoroughly from the ceiling paintings, the way one room has been designed with bath wooden and stone floors to make it appear as two rooms, the toilet paper boxes and the wooden boxes in the ceiling for the base speakers. It’s all very tasty and I loved the white bed covers! But most important of all, the super friendly and extremely professional Oka and his staff. He makes the world’s best pancakes. I will really miss them. I have been to so many nice places where the service is under all critic, but villa Kirana is really blessed with the very best people. I hope it will not be long until I return to Bali, and I hope I will be able to return to Villa Kirana.”

-Lisa Molle, Stockholm, Sweden

“This was the first time ever we spent a whole month at one place. To be honest we enjoyed every single minute. Villa Kirana truly fulfills every dream coming to your mind when traveling to Bali. It’s magical and peaceful place, which was created with so much attention to every little detail. The entire team of Villa Kirana made our time great experience. We found everybody to be exceptionally friendly professional and attentive. We would like to highlight Oka’s outstanding performance as chef. For a group of 13 peoples, compressing three generations, he composed 20 completely different Indonesian menus –all tasting so wonderful. Wherever dining out we were happy to stay at ‘home’ the next evening. We do hope that Villa Kirana and the team stays as it is. Hopefully we have the chance in the future to return to this magical place. We had a perfect time. Thanks a lot to all!”

-Stekene Hazig & Marie Utricht

“Our stay was indeed delightful. The house is divine, the Staff were impeccable and the Chef Oka not only is a great cook but a great person we enjoyed seeing everyday of our stay at Villa Kirana, and we thank him also for being so thoughtful towards my godson allergy. Again my family did love their stay at the villa and please transmit our thanks again to the staff to have contributed so nicely to our lovely stay.”

-Stephane, Sidney

“We had a wonderful time at both Villas. Villa Kirana was a beautiful villa both in style and accommodation provided. The staff were all very friendly and went out of their way to assist in anything that we needed…particularly Made who is indeed a credit to the owners. Oka the chef cooked a delightful meal for us one evening which was enjoyed by all. Breakfasts each morning were very well presented and the options offered were most satisfactory. Excellent facility and one that we would be very happy to visit once again. Thank you for arranging these two Villas for our stay in Bali, your assistance was greatly appreciated.”

-Richard, Australia

Experience Villa Kirana for yourself.


“This is such a wonderful place-we would like to take it home with us! The design, the decoration, the garden. Everything is just marvelous. We enjoyed coming home from our trip and sitting on the veranda listening to the pouring rain. Our children and we loved the wonderful dinner Nyoman prepared for us. Ketut organized everything we wished. Wayan always offer an excellent service with a broad smile. We hope to come back to this paradise one day! Thank you for everything.”

-Nareke Fisher and William Fisher

“Beautiful house, wonderful staff, delicious food. Anything you ask for is delivered with a smile. Wish we could stay forever!”

-The Zangardi Family, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Best place ever it’s like we’re in heaven. The cooking is wonderful and the staff are excellent always serve with a smile. Thank you for letting us stay in your magnificent piece of paradise and hope to come back soon. We will keep Villa Naga in good memory! A big thanks to the wonderful staff for serving us and making us feel like mini gods.”

-Tulsi, Bangkok, Thailand

“It is a great place to relax. We enjoyed every minute. The manager and the staff were great. They fulfilled all our wishes. Thank you very much. We will keep the Villa Naga and its team in good memory.”

-Velga, Willy, Switzerland

“First of all, congratulation on the beautiful and harmonic villa design! We were truly impressed by the simple elegant quality of all, its architectural elements and furnishing. And then great thanks to Ketut, Nyoman and Wayan for their perfect service as well as delicious cooking! It has been a very special holiday which we’ll keep remembered.”

-Cristophe and Jurek, Poland

“Always lovely to visit such a tranquil and delightful spot.”

-Kathy Mackinnon

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Simple get elegant, comfortable, cozy, secluded yet near everything, clean, harmonious but best of all is THE EXCELLENT SERVICE the staff gives!!”

-Rodolfo Cabrera & Mercedes Vela

“Hanging out at the house in the ultimate indulgence. Enjoyed good food.”


“After so many years of visiting this gorgeous island I can still be surprised and impressed. This place is an oasis.”


“Even the rain didn’t bother us in this beautiful house.”

-Ivan Mourels

“Thanks for a wonderful stay at Villa Naga. Great staff fantastic service! And great food.”

-George Honymans

“We enjoyed this place a lot. The infrastructure offers everything needed to relax and enjoy leisure time. A warm thank you to the excellent staff. Being always there when needed taking our stay a real pleasure. We will always remember the delicious dining experience at Villa Naga which is best promotion to the place and many thanks for being such a great host-We will keep Villa Naga in good memory!”

-Daniella, Gaby & Erwin Hauenstein and Nanfred Brunner, Switzerland

“We will never forget our wonderful stay in Villa Naga. An extraordinary place of heaven and silence. Perfect service and excellent cooking were also very responsible for the realization of our holiday dream. Many thanks to the Villa Naga Team!”

-Elizabeth Hans-Pete’s Walves, Switzerland

“Thank you for inviting us to Villa Naga and allowing us to experience a little paradise on earth. Our first trip to Bali has been magical. To this beautiful house and it’s gracious hospitality.”

-Mandalini & Tinesh, New Delhi, India

Experience Villa Naga in Ubud for yourself.


“One more great Bali vacation. Thank you very much Pangi Gita for making it a very special vacation, place, food, atmosphere- Everything great. Made, Aya, Agus and Dwi, we hope to see you all soon.”

-Carla, Kadja, Thomas

“The good, friendly, helpful, kind staff. Great food. Agus impressed, spacious rooms, well landscapes gardens, lovely pool. Felt as we were the only ones at our private resorts.”

-David and Arika

“We had a most wonderful stay at Villa Pangi Gita and we are certain that we will return to Bali in the future because of it. The Villa is so beautifully designed, decorated and cared for and surpassed our expectations. The staff were friendly and so very attentive, we actually felt rather guilty having so many people looking after just the two of us. They were all delightful to be around. This said, none of this impeded on our enjoyment of our 2 weeks in Bali and we have nothing but wonderful memories of our time at Villa Pangi Gita. Thank you for the use of your property. It really was beyond our dreams.”

-Nikki & Donal

“It was a delight for us to stay at Pangi Gita. Thank you for recommending it to us!”

-Anthony & Mari Moody

Experience Villa Pangi Gita for yourself.


“We had an absolutely brilliant time since here in Bali, Villa Ria Sayan with our three little boys! The Island’s so wonderful to offer the nature, scenery. The Villa has outstanding staff and the food has been delicious throughout our stay! We would like to stay at this magical place again.”

-Klein Wassink, Zenden

“We had the most wonderful days here- Nengah and Ketut are the best-as is Wayan! We saw lot+lot and were always happy to return to villa Ria. Wish we could have stay longer. We will think of you and this magical place often when we are back in New York. Hope to return one day. We were so lucky to be here on Nyepi Day.”

-Ellen, Alis and Lily Warner, New York, USA

“The Best Place for a Retreat in Ubud. Lovely Staff. Nengah is a good cook. Ketut smile is so warm like it is in Bali. Recommendation for Bali Botmica Spa, Wondeful Chakra Massage. Wonderful stay in the villa, totally relaxed.”

-Rund Yan & Nelleke, Holland

“Beautiful and relaxing visit to Villa Ria Sayan, relaxing, friendly, fabulous food. We never got tired of the view.”

-Sarah & Wayne, Sydney

“Great view, fabulous food. We loved our stay.”

-Olivia, Melbourne, Australia

“What a lovely place, a home that feels like it would be. Beautifully and tastefully appointed, the comfortable kids-very special! The lovely ladies here are great help - fresh, home style dishes and always smiling! We would like to be back every year!”

-Amrita & Arun Thapor, New Delhi, India

“We had a great time! Great views and Nengah and Ketut is simply fantastic! Bird park, lovely café in ubud, Kecak Dance. Had a great time!”

-Nein, Wessy and Kumaya, Hong Kong

“Thank you for allowing us to share your beautiful home. The setting is spectacular. You could not have found better staff. They are so nice to be around and took good care of us.”

-Doug Loomer, Doug Keigley, Pam Keigley and Diane Keigley, USA

“A wonderful finale to our Bali trip. 4 days relaxing at Villa Ria Sayan. Nengah and Ketut looking after us well and cooking such delicious meals. We did eat “Mozaic” and had the best meal we have eaten in Asia and thoroughly recommend it for a meal. Otherwise the beautiful Paddy field surrounding Sayan and the piece + quietness are what make this part of Bali so special!”

-James, Amanda, and Aline Neal, UK

“Thank you Nengah and Ketut for making our stay here such a relaxing me in the split of traveling with our three and one year kids. We enjoyed a couple of evenings while Nengah babysit for us. Our kids are sad to say good bye and we also miss your company, views, beautiful and comfort of Ria Sayan and of course all that Ubud has to offer.”

-Reichel and Mark

“Thank you for a wonderful stay in the most relaxing and peaceful Villa. We loved staying in Bali. Amazing views, beautiful decorations, ever attentive staff, delicious and light cuisine.”

-Anne-Lise, Olivier, Tantin and Lelia, Paris, France

“Thank you for the nice and the lovely stay here. We enjoyed being with you and hope one day we can come back.”

-Anneke and Jounney

“Our time here was peaceful and enjoyable. The staff is lovely, helpful and pleasant. The roosters are annoying, the rest of the qualities of this price of paradise makes up for the unwanted wake up call.”

-Sergei and Hellen, USA

“This is my 2nd time in Villa Ria, This time I could stay “only” three months. I have such a wonderful life. I never get tired.”

-Stephen Sagmein, New York, USA

“How lucky we have been to enjoy this beautiful island in the world. We adore Villa Ria Sayan. The view was impressive. The Villa it self very comfortable. The staff warm and kind,”

-Nick, Hugh and Di Katsalidis

Experience Ubud Villa Ria Sayan for yourself.


“Tranquility, peace, harmony all in the most beautiful surrounding. Rushing river, birds chirping, you feel like in the paradise. Thank you to the gorgeous staff who tip toe around to perform their daily duties in the most un-obtrusive manner. They make you feel special . We’ve enjoyed the local cuisine enormously at the villa and Rama has a passion for his cuisine. All - Ayu, Nyoman, Ade and Rama have been so helpful in making our stay in Bali a most memorable experience and we highly recommend a stay here and I can’t wait to return.”

-Maria Lynch, Australia

“Thank you for an amazing trip!! We have been treated like royalty!! Food is amazing. Ayu-you are the perfect women and Ketut is an angel. See you in the next year.”

-Lowaire & Steve, Scotland

“Thank you for a fantastic week and for making us feel so welcome here at Tukad Pangi. We truly enjoyed our stay, the staff is just extraordinary service minded and friendly. We felt absolutely spoiled with Ramas. Excellent cooking, Ayups beautiful decorations and Ketut careful tending of the pool, garden, and sunbeds with Frangipani flowers.”

-Caroline, & Louise

“Thank you for the wonderful stay at Tukad Pangi!! The villa it’s self is beautiful but the most important things is the friendly and caring staff. Thank you for this unforgettable week. We hope to be coming back next week.”

-Jess Dusseldorf, Germany

“The house: Its setting is absolutely stunning but more importantly the personnel is outstanding! Their warm, attentiveness. Very respectful attitude have made our 10 day vacation. So pleasurable. It is very difficult to be leaving tomorrow. We look forward to returning to our Bali Family.”

-Meryl and Paul, USA

“Kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih banyak untuk membuat kita merasa sangat nyaman dan membuat liburan kami sangat khusus! Hal itu indah untuk bertemu anda semua dan kami berharap dapat datang kembali beberapa waktu di masa depan.”

-Lee, Peter, Brooke, Casie, Alyssa & Justin

“This place is heaven on earth. I haven’t thought about work at home. Thank you for the beautiful staff for making our stay extra special and taking such good care of us”


“Dear the beautiful staff at Tukad Pangi! I would like to thank you very much for making my family and I relax after such a huge year for all of us. You have topped off the year for us with your gentle nature, exceptional cooking and hospitality skills and genuine kindness towards people. We are so lucky to have had the chance to stay in this beautiful villa! Thank you for making our trip so memorable and wonderful.”

-Alyssa Jare

“What a wonderful place. From the moment you walk through the entrance doors you are greeted with all the wonderful smiles of the Tukad pangi staff. Initially very hard to switch off and let them take over. Now I wonder how I will get back to reality. The Villa has been perfect for our family of six with 3 adult children. Had lot of fantastic treatment at the villa, organized by the wonderful Ayu at the drop of a hat. The food has been more than amazing. We were difficult bunch with one vego and one gluten. This was no trouble to Ketut, always so concerned and making the extra effort to ensure that the menu would be ok for everyone. The décor was so tasteful, lots of inspiration for our new home we are about to build in Australia. Will be recommending to anyone wanting a relaxing/spoilt break away in the beautiful Bali!!!”

-Braulee, Australia

“What a fantastic weekend! Spoiled with lots of smiles service and lots of ice lemon tea. Truly a pleasure to be back. Thanks from all of us!”


“We had a lovely time which we wish it could have gone on and on. It’s has been great fun discovering the villa. Very helpful staff.”

-Sunny Family

“What a nice place! Even with the tropical rain. It was an experience we won’t forget! Very good food, cuisine! And service! We will be back soon!”

-Lees Maria, Jan Arie, Veersehoten, Netherlands

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Staff were wonderful, all needs prepared by the chef were delicious. The buttler was extremely helpful. Our daughter loves her. The villa was extremely comfortable. Only positive thing to comment on the staff here. Thank you the staff. We hope to come back and stay in the same villa.”

-Lauren, Sophia & Emma Family

“What an amazing place. The staffs have been absolutely fantastic, very friendly and helpful in making our stay very relaxing. The chef’s meals were sensational and the presentation was excellent. The surrounding pool and the sound or the rive rushing by made the stay so relaxing and peaceful. So a very BIG THANK YOU to the staff of Tukad Pangi Villa for a wonderful holiday!”

-Lyn, Joan, Leanne and Kev, Australia

“Thank you Rama, Ayu, Adi, and Alit for making our stay at Tukad Pangi Villa, The most magnificient holiday ever. We have visited many countries but nothing compares to here. What a very lucky boss you have, to have such a wonderful dedicated staff who have made our stay the most relaxing, peaceful, chill out holiday you can ever imagine. I shall be telling everyone back home in Australia how wonderful this villa is. We shall miss you all. We will be back!”

-Charles Leas, Australia

“What a wonderful experience we had here at Villa Tukad Pangi. The Villa is magnificent-serene peaceful and beautiful. The staff looked after us every minute and cared for our every need. We thanks for Ayu, Rama, Adi and Alit for looking after us so well. The meals were treat every day. We are grateful to have such an experience in such a beautiful place until beautiful people.”

-Linda, Crusty Coony, Australia

“Our first time in Bali at Tukad Pangi Villa has copy us with fantastic impression of the hospitality, the culture, and the gorgeous architecture.”

-Rainer, Jesper, Eveen, Wee-Newman, Belgium & Malaysia

“We found a paradise for the 2nd time here at Villa Tukad Pangi! The excellent staff: Ayu, Rama, Adi, Alit and Nyoman are friendly, amiable, helpful, and very good at their respective daily task & we really look forward to seeing them again soon. Rama, the chef is an artist. His flavour sensations and presentation are exceptional, Bravo!! The very private tranquil surroundings and tastefully landscaped garden, ponds and rushing river rapids great the ideal environment for total relaxation and enjoyment. The villa’s Balinese architectural designs including outdoor shower is truly superb. We just love being here in paradise sleeping like babies, living like princesses and eating like kings.”

-Heather and Celina Lawrence

“Thanks for making our stay so wonderful. You have been so kind, considerate, helpful, generous and many other things to us. You have treated us like family and we will always remember you with gratitude and a big smile. Thank you so much Rama, Ayu, Adi, Alit and Nyoman. I hope you enjoyed having us stay here as I know I had a wonderful and also very delicious stay. So sad to already be leaving here and you all and your pleasant company and I’m sure and hope we’ll cross paths again.”


“Thank you for your excellent service. You have made our stay very memorable!”

-Katy & Yuri, Russia

“Thank you for the enjoyable stay at the villa!! Love the food, cozy rooms and excellent service!”

-All of Us, Singapore

“What an amazing place. We loved being here. Everyday is so friendly . Helpful. Can’t wait to come back!!”

-Hen Gwedish

“We have had a wonderful time at Tukad pangi-Fantastic Villa, Great Food and loved the 2 pools. The Staff was excellent- very accommodating and always friendly. Wonderful food, Ketut!”

-Aklen & Andy Forest

“A wonderful place!! With wonderful people to look after us. I wish to come back to this little piece of heaven on earth. We are leaving with beautiful memories. We will recommend this villa to all of our friends in Adelaide. The food was a special taste.”

-Cheryl & Bob, Australia

“We are gonna miss this place, Tukad Pangi Villa!”


“A great experience. Tukad Pangi Villa is something special but the best memory will be the staff. Helpful always friendly; proud of what they are doing. After each trip on Bali, we felt like coming home. The cooking experience felt like having dinner in a 3 star restaurant. Really Outstanding!! A Wonderful time indeed.”

-Rob Danielle, Joyce, Ilse & Ferdi, Netherlands

“It has been a truly wonderful experience to enjoy the villa. Its surroundings and the magnificent service provided by Nyoman, Aya and the whole team. All is their expertise and desire to pleasant which has made our stay so memorable. We here loved the food and rooms space offered by the villa. Great Staff & great villa. Superb!!”

-George Wise, Jodie Manstey, Dan Wish, London, Singapore & USA

“An Outstanding experience-from day one, the villa staff made us feel welcome. We had planned many excursions out. The rooms were cleaned brilliantly. Ketut, Rama were cooking great & intuitive well. We love our time here.”

-Bean Delen, Rebecca, Marc & Louis

“The service was excellent! The staff was always friendly & extremely helpful! Our stay in Bali at Tukad Pangi Villa was wonderful and what made it so wonderful was the fantastic staff! Please note the cleaning service & security were great and the chefs meals were so good. His cooking are incredible.”

-Steven Ferris & Anne Kokogiannakis

“Sitting here in the studio after two wonderful weeks in this extraordinary villa, shifting our overweight bodies hearly on the soft as a result of Nyoman’s fantastic cooking and thinking of some lines about the villa to describe what we have experience just to sadly find out, that they are no words in any language how beautiful and excellent our stay in Villa Tukad Pangi was.”

-Olives & Gaby, Shanghai, China

“A joy to wake up. A joy to go to bed here. Every moment of the day is a pleasure enhanced by the extremely helpful staff who made us feel perfectly welcome. The beautiful designed villa blends so well with its surroundings. The Hi-tech entertainment was great for rainy days. It was hard to leave and who would want to with such an INSPIRATIONAL chef, who is blessed with a magic touch in the kitchen. We will be back for many years to come and can’t wait until then. Thanks so much for a wonderful time.”

-Liyen & Steve Lawler

“We have had two great weeks. The staff has been absolute fantastic, always friendly and helpful and doing everything they can to make our stay perfect. The food has been outstanding, the rooms always clean and the service excellent. We have spent time surfing, travelling to the national park and been visiting the surroundings and always been happy to be back in the villa, enjoying the pools aid just relaxing. We will definitely be back!”

-Paul Bekkeheien, Zarina Tsomaeva, Ellina Astakhova

“We had been so pampered from the first day here at Tukad Pangi. The villa is so well kept and the service is excellent and as we Malaysians will say “SYABAS”!! Nyoman the chef cooked us so many fantastic meals & we go home with additional kilos to our body weight-We ate so much! We also felt very safe at the villa as the security guard is always on duty. Without any doubt we shall certainly tell all our friends & family about this fabulous villa & its incredible efficient staff. Thank you so much to everyone at Tukad Pangi!”

-Mr & Mrs Ho Char, Malaysia

“Our friends and we had an amazing time at Tukad Pangi! We come to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and enjoyed every second! The manager, Tuhu set us up at an amazing, romantic restaurant for an unforgettable evening! The villa was spectacular, we barely ever left it. The service was great. The Staff was excellent. The food was so good that we ever ate. Every single day we enjoyed the pools, Bali music, sounds of the stream, massages, Yoga lessons, the entertainment room etc. Great décor and showers, love the tranquility exactly as defined on the website. The only complain that we had was the loud noise of a screaming geico (Lizzard) constantly yelling throughout the night. Not sure if it was in the room but being visitor from a big city in north America it scared me at times. Overall we loved the experience will recommend it to friends and family and will definitely be back soon!”

-Tara & Sanjeev Sharma, USA

“Thank you for a fantastic weekend in Bali! Tukad Pangi provided right mix of relaxation and activity in an ideal, tranquil settings by the river. We enjoyed swimming in the pools, getting massages and watching DVDs in the studio and the food was to die for! Nyoman is the best chef and can cook anything we wanted better than expected. The seafood barbeque on the grass was wonderful evening-the casual lunches on the Bale are going to be missed. Our 6 months old daughter received so much attention from Nyoman, Ajak and Made. And thanks to them, our holiday was very enjoyable. We look forward to coming back to Tukad Pangi.”

-Shawn, Janette, Vierra Thornton

“It was a gorgeous weekend spent here in the villa. The picture seen in the net was awesome but the rating once got here is beyond words. I’ve been to many villas here in Bali but this one particular are very well trained. Nyoman the chef spoilt us day after day with amazing cooking. The menu is very inventive, was really very surprised. Nyoman can cook every item very well. The villa is very modern but has a nice touch of Bali. 2 pools are just awesome! Every day here spent is great and you won’t get out to wonder around. If you are looking for some nice peace and quiet, this is the villa one should come stay. Can’t wait to come back!!! Thank you all!!”

-Serene Chell

“Gorgeous, spanking new and ultra – stylish villa of gracing the cover of any décor/architecture magazine; warm, thoughtful and attentive staff; Fantastic in house menu and all kinds of wonderful extras such as a well-stoked book and house call massage and the lovely local brew called tuak. We’ve been to Bali many many times before but this has got to be our best trip ever. This villa brings together what’s best about Bali to the extent that we hardly ventured. Definitely planning to come back and stay at Villa Tukad Pangi again and again!! Nyoman, Ayak and Made, Thanks for making us feel so at home. See you soon!”

-Steve and Tracy Elrick

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“Overall we had a great time at the villa. The staff were gracious and the villa was very clean, the food was good and all the amenities were great, everyone enjoyed their stay! In terms of service from Bali Luxury Villas: As always, renting through you was great -- everything was handled efficiently and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

-Naheed, Jakarta

“Everybody was perfect. The staff made us spend an amazing time in your villa.”

-Sophie, Dean, Olivia and Oliver, Paris, France

“We are enjoyed ourselves at villa Yoyo. The villa and the staff were excellent, the food outstanding . We really loved it. Thank you for this wonderful holiday experience.”

Simon & July Sven, Colin & Lee, Alex

“Thank you for your hospitality. Villa Yoyo is a great our relaxing place and all the staff has been really nice with us. We hope to come back again.”

-Anne, Daniel & Francoise

“What a beautiful place!! Staff were fantastic especially Ari and I felt thoroughly spoilt for the whole holiday. I would highly recommend Villa Yoyo.”

-Prett Family

“Stunning villa and excellent staff. Had a fantastic time . Would love to come back.”


“Villa Yoyo was wonderful-and Ari and the team did a great job of making sure everything was perfect!! Thanks for making it a great stay.”


“We celebrated a most exclusive wedding here. A paradise for all. The hospitality was excellent . We will try to return. Thanks for an excellent team.”

-The Theans Wedding Party, July 1st , 2007

“I love it here. I wish I would stay here longer. The staff is so cool. Hope to see u again.”


“What a fabulous holiday!! All the staff were delightful. The happiest memories here. We adore your villa.”

-Jenny Shelly, Nickyervan, USA/Hong Kong

“Thank you for looking after you are so well, we had a great time here. We hope to come again soon!”

-The Woods & The Lockharts

“We had a wonderful holiday. All the way from the show to the lovely sunshine of Bali!! Until next time!”

-The Wadsworth Family

“Thank you very much. We are enjoy so much in this week. Everything is so wonderful in here. We all had the best service from the staff. Once again thank you so much!”

-Yves & Angel

“Thanks for giving us a fantastic holiday. Will never forget it and your kindness. Thank you for the food, the service.”

-Lisa & Michael Pain, Sydney Australia

“It was a delightful stay. Hope to come again!”

-Rama Soeprapto

“Tempat Yoyo nyaman sekali. Sangat menyenangkan.”

-Ananda Mikola & Laudya C. Bella

“What a sweet staff and nice atmosphere!!”


“Thanks for a great holiday in your paradise like villa!! We have enjoyed our stay more than you can imagine. We hope to be back soon!”

-Rund Adriann, Carola, Lissette & Suzanne

“Thank you for all your service and kindness that you took care of us. I will definitely visit Bali in a few years. You are very friendly and nice people.”


“Thank you so very much for making our stay so enjoyable and fun. You all were very fantastic! We hope to see you again for another holiday.”

-Nigel, Cathy Garrad, Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you for a brilliant week, every day was enjoyable and it was a pleasure waking up to such wonderful staff. We love Bali!”

-Kate & Jason

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